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365 Days of Blessing

道に迷う Lost!

道に迷う Lost!






降りてから高速道路にまた入ろうとしたら、入り口が工事で封鎖されていました。 車にはカーナビがありませんし、携帯も持ってきていませんでした。



寒い冬、車の中で夜を寝過ごさなければならないかと不安になりました。 さらに、運転し続けると、やっと標識のついた大きな交差点に着きとんでもない方向に進んでいることがわかりました。



道に迷い1時間近くロスしました。 車を運転するときは、地図、またはスマートフォンをいつも携帯しておく必要性をつくづく感じました。

誘惑に陥らないように、目をさまして、祈っていなさい。心は燃えていても、肉体は弱いのです。マタイ26:41 I was playing tennis from 7.30 until 9 pm in Browns Bay on the northern side of Auckland, New Zealand. As I left to drive home I was feeling very happy because I had won both of my doubles games. I was heading for the house we had recently moved into, about 30 minutes away on the western side of Auckland. I was listening to an interesting programme discussing President Trump`s rights and wrongs as I drove. Because it was night, difficult to see clearly and an unfamiliar road I got off the expressway at the wrong place. I tried to get back on the expressway but the entrance was blocked because of road works. The car had no GPS and I had not brought my cellphone. Also, in New Zealand, shops are practically all shut at that time of night. I therefore decided to follow my instincts and follow the road in order to get on at the next expressway entrance. Unfortunately however, I followed the wrong road and because there were no road signs I went the wrong way. It was a cold, winter night and I became fearful that I might have to spend the night in the car. At last, at a major intersection there was a road sign which showed me that I was heading in completely the wrong direction. I turned around, went the other way and crossed a bridge over the expressway but continued for about 15 minutes on the far side of the expressway. At last another road sign lead me to another entrance and I was able to get home safely. I had lost about 1 hour going around in circles!! I felt that it is prudent to carry a map or a cellphone with one at all times when driving.

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing but the body is weak.” Matthew 26:41.

奥平 Okudaira


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