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今日の一針は明日の十針 A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

今日の一針は明日の十針 A Stitch in Time Saves Nine


これは、 処置が遅れるほど負担がかさむこと、すぐにしなければならないことを先に延ばすと、余計に手間がかかるということのたとえです。










ばらまいても、なお富む人があり、正当な支払いを惜しんでも、かえって乏しくなる者がある。箴言 11:24

As you probably know, the saying “a stitch in time saves nine” means that if you put off what you should do today, you will have to do more work tomorrow. The longer we put something off, the bigger the job becomes. If we procrastinate we will have to go to extra trouble to complete the job.

Since last week, I am having to pay a lot of money for some work on my teeth. The gum around one of the back teeth in my upper jaw started becoming inflamed when I was a student in America. Because I did not have much money while at university I could not afford to get proper treatment. When I get overtired, the gum becomes inflamed and tender. I did receive treatment for it about thirty years ago in Japan but it flared up again so I had treatment for the tooth and gum again in New Zealand. Because the treatment is not covered by insurance it costs about one month`s wages for just half of the treatment. Because I was loathe to pay out so much money I gave up after completing about 80% of the treatment. It was okay after that for about fifteen years but recently recurred again and this time it will cost as much as the second-hand car I recently purchased. I regret now that I did not pay a bit more money and complete the treatment in New Zealand.

I have learnt from this experience that it is not good to put off the things that should be done today. Also, if we begrudge spending a bit of money now, we could end up using a lot more later.

“It is possible to give away and become richer! It is also possible to hold on too tightly and lose everything.” Proverbs 11:24.

奥平 Okudaira


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