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イエスの逮捕 The Arrest of Jesus

イエスの逮捕 The Arrest of Jesus






A judge asked a man standing before him, “Why were you arrested?” “Sir, I was arrested because I was shopping early in the morning,” the man replied. “That`s not a crime! How early were you doing this shopping?” “It was actually before the shop opened!”




Why was Jesus arrested?

Usually, it is after committing a crime that someone is arrested. The direct reason is that Judas, in his desire to receive 30 pieces of silver, gave away Jesus` location to His enemies. Why did Jesus have enemies who wanted Him arrested and put to death?

1. 妬み 宗教家たちはイエスが人気者になり、多くの群衆がイエスのあとを従うのを見てねたみました。



1. Envy The religious leaders became jealous as they saw Jesus` popularity increase and the crowds swarm after Him. We become envious of those who are more popular and more successful than ourselves. The crowds followed Jesus because He healed many sick people, performed many miracles and gave superior teaching.

2. 冒涜罪 イエスは自分が神の子であり、神と等しい存在であることを宣言しました


「あなたは、ほむべき方の子、キリストですか。」と大祭司が質問されたときに、「わたしは、それです。」「人の子が、力ある方の右の座に着き、天の雲に乗って来るのを、あなたがたは見るはずです。」とも言われました。マルコ 14:61, 62



そして、サンヘドリン議会はイエスに死刑にあたる罪があると決めました。マタイ 26:65

2. Blasphemy Jesus proclaimed that He was the Son of God and equal to God. This was considered blasphemy against God by the priests of the Jewish religion. “The high priest asked Him, `Are you the Christ, the Son of the blessed One?` `I am,` said Jesus. `And you will see the Son of Man sitting at the right hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.`” On hearing these words of Jesus, the high priest, Caiaphas, became extremely angry and tore his clothes saying, “Why do we need more witnesses? You have heard the blasphemy.” Mark 14:61-64. The Sanhedrin decided that Jesus had committed a sin worthy of death. Matthew 26:65.

3. 期待が裏切られた ユダヤ人たちはユダヤ人をローマの支配から解放するメシアを待ち望んでいました。




それで、イエスがイスラエルをローマから救う救世主・メシアであると思っていたので大歓迎した群衆は、イエスにはイエスがイスラエルの独立、政治的な解放の関心が無いのを見て、期待が裏切られ、また祭司たちから先導されて、イエスを「十字架だ、十字架につけろ。」ルカ 23:21 と騒ぎ立てました。

3. Betrayed expectations Jewish people were waiting for a Messiah to deliver them from the domination of Rome. The crowds were hoping that Jesus would be a political Messiah. Jesus, however, had no intention of starting a political revolution. The crowds were angry because their expectations had been betrayed. When the crowds saw that Jesus, who they welcomed as the One who would free them from Rome`s domination, had no interest in doing such a thing they felt let down and then, spurred by the Jewish religious leaders they cried, “Crucify him. Crucify Him.” Luke 23:21.

イエスの勇気 イエスを逮捕しに、祭司、律法学者、剣や棒を持った群衆、さらにローマの指揮官の千人隊長がローマ兵の軍団を連れてまでも来たのですから、大変な武装集団です。

ペテロは恐れて、剣を抜いて大祭司のしもべに撃ちかかり、その耳を切り落としました。 マルコ14:46, 47

しかし、イエスは「剣をさやに納めなさい。剣を取る者は皆、剣で滅びる」マタイ 26:52 と言って、僕の耳を癒しました。





Jesus` Courage A well-armed group came to arrest Jesus: priests, Pharisees, the crowd with clubs and swords plus a detachment led by a Roman centurion. Terrified, Peter “drew his sword and struck the servant of the high priest, cutting off his ear.” Mark 14:47. Jesus responded, “Put your sword in its place for all who draw the sword will die by the sword,” and He healed the ear of the servant. Matthew 26:52. “I will not run or hide because this is the will of the Father,” Jesus thought, and fearlessly faced his enemy without resisting. It was from His example that the idea of a peaceful solution and passive resistance comes.

Mahatma Gandhi led India to independence through the principle of passive resistance. Pastor Martin Luther King lead the civil rights movement using the same strategy and improvements in racial discrimination resulted.



Jesus allowed Himself to be arrested and crucified because He knew that His sacrificial death was necessary for the salvation of mankind. A person is blessed if they can live a noble life, giving up their own rights for the sake of others just as Jesus did.

奥平 Okudaira

「イエスの逮捕」 3月11日礼拝メッセージより 奥平牧師


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