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クリスマスに愛を The Love of Christmas

クリスマスに愛を The Love of Christmas

ある女性が言いました。「私はクリスマスの日に 、聖書を読んでいて、夫を愛するように示されました。」、『え、そうですか。それは良かったですね。そしてその聖書の言葉は?』、「汝の敵を愛せよ。」です。

A lady said, “I was reading the Bible on Christmas Day and realized that I need to love my husband.” “Really, that`s great! What was the verse that taught you that you should love your husband?” “Love your enemies!”



Christmas Eve, a time when an increasing number of elderly people and others must spend it alone. It is a time when people particularly feel how alone they are.



英国の作家チャールズ・ディケンズの「クリスマス・キャロル」は、自己中心主義は人を孤独に追いやり、愛は人を孤独から解放することを告げています。主人公のスクルージという初老の商人で、冷酷無慈悲、エゴイストであり、愛情のかけらもなく、ひたすら金儲けのために日々を送っている人物でした。 そのため、隣人からも、取引相手の商人たちからも嫌われていました。




Because of our sinful nature, we become self-centred and this leads to loneliness. However, if we are filled with love, we seek fellowship, seek to give to others and so are freed from loneliness.

Charles Dickens well-known novel “A Christmas Carol” is a tale portraying the fact that self-centredness leads to loneliness whereas love delivers a person from such feelings.

Scrooge, the main character, is an elderly, egotistical businessman lacking in concern for others, whose only goal in life is to make more and more money. As a result of this, he is disliked by his neighbours and also by those with whom he conducts business.

On Christmas Eve, Scrooge receives a visitation from the ghost of his business partner who had died seven years before. He showed Scrooge his past, present and future self and at last Scrooge realized that his greedy, self-serving life style was making him lonely and hated and that he would die a miserable death. He repented and was changed into a kind, compassionate man.









The Bible predicts a cold, loveless society. “Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold.” Matthew 24:12.

People who are “lovers of themselves, lovers of money and without love” will increase. II Timothy 3;2,3.   

When love decreases, people think only of themselves, disputes and crime increase, families disintegrate, society becomes unstable and countries decline. The number of lonely people naturally increases.

One of the main reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire was the internal decadence. There is power in love. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39 tells us. If we could all keep this commandment, most of the problems in the world would be solved. When people feel loved they gain a reason for living and a sense of contentment. We all want to be loved and recognized. We all need to be loved.

If we feel that we are not loved by anybody we feel alone and lonely. Life becomes meaningless.









天地創造主なる神様は欠点の多い人にでも、「わたしの目には、あなたは高価で尊い。わたしはあなたを愛している。」イザヤ書 43:4 と言って下さいます。

何と嬉しい事ではないですか! あなたがどんな人であっても、神様の目には「高価で尊い。」とあなたの価値を認めてくださっているのです。

The German poet, Schiller said that life is meaningless without the light of love.

In this world though it is not easy to find the true meaning of love. We humans are all self-centred and our love is conditional. “I love you because you are beautiful, because you are kind, because you are intelligent.”

It is hard to love someone if you do not have a good impression of them or if they have a bad attitude to you or want to do harm to you.

The good news is that God`s love is unconditional. God loves even those who hate Him. God`s love is such that He forgives those who persecute and curse Him. It is an encompassing, deep, infinite love.

We are blessed if we know God`s love. The perfect Creator of all says of us imperfect humans, “You are precious and honoured in My sight and I love you. “ Isaiah 43:4. How amazing!! It does not matter what kind of person you are, God recognizes your value and says you are precious to Him.




At this Christmas-time, may we all know God`s love, receive the greatest present of all which is the salvation offered through God`s Son Jesus, give ourselves to Him and worship Him together. If we do that we will be set free from loneliness. If you want to be loved, show love to others. If you want to be treated kindly, treat others with kindness. We all reap whatever we sow.

奥平 Okudaira

「クリスマスに愛を」 クリスマス礼拝メッセージより 奥平牧師


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