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言葉の力 The Power in Words

言葉の力 The Power in Words





This is a true story. A tousle-headed student was told by his teacher, “Untidy hair is a sign of a messed-up mind.” Angered, the student replied to his bald teacher, “In that case, a lack of hair shows diminished mental faculties.” The student was escorted to the principal`s office where he received appropriate treatment.






Words have power. Words are able to give life or death to the hearer. It is not an exaggeration to say that the words you use influence your whole life. The feeling behind the words is also important. Sharp words spoken with malice will hurt the other person and cause damage to them. On the other hand, gentle words spoken in love will bring healing and build the other person up.



ストウ夫人の言葉は社会に良い影響を与えました。          しかし、それとは全く反対に、言葉は悪い影響をもたらします。



The American writer Harriet Stowe was opposed to slavery and wrote “Uncle Tom`s Cabin”. This book was influential in bringing about the civil War and the abolition of slavery. Her words had a good influence on society. Conversely, words can also have a very negative influence. Many people are driven to suicide because of the cruel words which have been said to them. Words have such power that they can act as a sharp knife and cut a person to the quick.







In Japan, there continue to be Primary and Middle School students who commit suicide because they cannot stand the violence and bullying caused by words said to them. We must take care of the words we use. Our words have considerable influence. There are times when we hurt others by our words without even realising that we have done so.

People who use only kind, gentle words are able to maintain smooth relationships with others. If we blurt out what we are thinking without taking care of the words we use, misunderstandings often arise and relationships are damaged. Harsh, hurtful words make the other person angry and destroy friendships.






A slip of the tongue often results in trouble. Many people have brought trouble on themselves by saying something that would be better left unsaid. Unnecessary words often cause problems for ourselves. We should take care to avoid using inflammatory words and putting another person down. We should try to use truthful words that encourage the other person.




90年代にリポーターとして活躍した乱一世は、テレビ番組の生放送中に「トイレはCM中にどうぞ行ってください」 と失言したため、 CMスポンサー会社はこのコメントに激怒して彼を職場から追放しました。

「自分の唇を制する者は思慮がある。」箴言 10:19

Even a war can be started by a slip of the tongue. The American Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, did not include South Korea in the list of countries the US had committed to defending so North Korea decided to invade the South and the Korean War began. A newscaster in New Zealand lost his job because of a supposedly racist, off-the-cuff remark he made. In the nineties, a reporter commented on live television that when the commercials are running it is a good time to go to the toilet. As a result, the commercial sponsor was angered and the reporter lost his job. “He who holds his tongue is wise.” Proverbs 10:19.


柔和な心でその人を正してあげなさい。ガラテヤ 6:1         相手が自分より優れた人だと思って注意すべきです。


命令的、断定的な言い方は避けることです。             何事でも自己中心や虚栄からすることなく、へりくだって、互いに人を自分よりもすぐれた者と思いなさい。ピリピ 2:3

あなたがたのことばが、いつも親切で、塩味のきいたものであるようにしなさい。コロサイ 4:5,6

「お互いに親切にし、心の優しい人となり、…互いに許し合いなさい。」エペソ 4:32

When it is necessary to caution another person we must take care to use gentle, moderate words with humility. “If someone is caught in a sin, you should restore him gently.” Galatians 6:1. It is important to consider the other person as better than oneself. If we look down on a person when cautioning them we will only cause them to become hostile towards us. It is better not to give orders or to be too assertive.“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3. “Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt.” Colossians 4:6. “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other.” Ephesians 4:32.


May we display the love of Jesus to the world. May we learn to love God and our neighbour more and more.

奥平 Okudaira

「言葉の力」12月10日礼拝メッセージより 奥平牧師


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