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365 Days of Blessing

雀の知恵 The Smart Sparrow

ニュージーランド、オークランド市にある海辺の町ブランズベイのカフェーでケーキを食べ、コーヒーを飲んでいると雀が舞い降りてきて、コーヒーや紅茶に入れる紙の棒状の包みに入った砂糖をわたしたちの目の前で口にくわえて外の歩道に飛んで行き、砂糖を道端において、くちばしで紙袋を破り中の砂糖を食べ始めました。 瞬間の早業でした。日本では見慣れない光景です。



またカフェーの構造も、窓が大きく開いていて、開放的に作られています。 でも最初は、スズメはどうして、紙袋の中に砂糖が入っているとわかったのでしょうか。 小鳥の知恵に驚きます。



We were at a beach-side café in Browns Bay, Auckland enjoying coffee and cake. Suddenly, a sparrow flew to the table we were at, picked up a packet of sugar which was arranged with others in a glass on the table and flew back outside. The sparrow laid the packet of sugar on the pavement and proceeded to peck at it until the sugar could be accessed. It all happened so quickly!. It was not a sight we would ever see in Japan. In New Zealand, sparrows seem to be so used to humans that they fly into cafes without fear. People do not shoo them away so the sparrows freely enter the cafes they are used to. Also, the cafes are built so that the large windows and doors are left wide open which allows easy access. How the sparrows learn that there is something to eat in the paper packets on the table I am amazed at how smart such a little bird is! It makes me think again of the amazing wisdom of the Creator who made the birds. “By wisdom the Lord laid the earth`s foundations, by understanding He set the heavens in place.” Proverbs 3:19.

奥平 Okudaira


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